Jan is terrific. Simple as that.
European sensibility. He hails from Germany, with a
can - do - swiss army knife attitude. Very talented, great ideas,
works great with others. No ego. In it to make it beautiful and first class.
— Kathy Hurley (milepost355)
Fortress Mountain, Alberta, Canada

Fortress Mountain, Alberta, Canada

Jan is so wonderful to work with. He goes way beyond just showing up for the job. He brings ideas, gear, great attitude and is truly a team player. You really can’t go wrong hiring him.
— Michele Sherlock (Sherlock Productions)
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Jan is INCREDIBLE. He is my go-to DP — WHEN he’s avail! By far, one of the most talented, key production experts in the southeast.
— Susam Hodges (SKH Producers)
Cherokee, NC, USA

Cherokee, NC, USA