Flowcine black arm

The Black Arm is a 3-axis dampening system which stabilizes both roll and tilt errors, as well as, vertical motion. The Tranquilizer vibration mount stabilizes low-level vibrations to keep the image as smooth as possible. This is a hard-mount system, made for gimbals, which mounts to vehicles such as cars, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, etc.

Please CONTACT us for a quote, to film your next project on the Flowcine Black Arm.

Sample footage filmed by Alpine Aerials (http://www.alpine-aerials.com) with the Shotover G1. Vehicle: Pagani Huayra. Setup: Shotover G1 gimbal, Shotover Vibro isolator, Flowcine Blackarm shock-mount, RED Weapon, Angenieux Optimo 16-40mm.

Black Arm with the MoVI Pro, RED Dragon, Arri ULTRA Prime.

Black Arm with the MoVI Pro, RED Dragon, Arri ULTRA Prime.

The "Running shot" REDEFINED...

It can't be stressed enough how much the Flowcine Black Arm absorbs bumps, both large and small, on even the roughest of terrains. To say that it is "smooth" is a gross understatement... and we're not exaggerating ;-)

What's required? A vehicle with a 2" hitch receiver on the front, back... or both. From there we'll build a customized "Speed Rail Contraption" to fit your particular needs. Depending on the application, we can run on pavement or off-road. We have 4x4 vehicles, ranging from a Toyota Tacoma to a Polaris RZR. Whatever it takes to make your project shine!

At a minimum, the system requires a crew of 3, (Driver, Gimbal OP, and Focus Puller). To expedite things on set a "rigging crew", who preps the vehicle to receive the Black Arm, would be very advantageous.