Cable Cam (Motion Compound Engeneering, germany)

Our Motion Compound Engineering® Cable Cam system is designed and custom built in Germany. The motor, which drives the cable cam, combines high performance and low weight while the entire rig runs silently and free of vibrations, even under heavy loads. Smooth starts and slow moves, at <0.2 Mph as well as up to a maximum speed of 35 Mph, are possible with the MCE® Cable Cam.

The Motion Compound Engineering® Cable Cam is set up to fly the Freefly MōVI Pro but can also easily be adapted to the DJI Ronin or most other 3-axis gimbals. A maximum payload of 33 Lbs (15kg) gives the user enough capacity to work with cameras ranging from DSLR`s up to professional setups such as a RED Dragon or ARRI Alexa mini.

The system requires two operators, one to run the cable cam and the other to control pan, tilt, and roll on the gimbal. In most cases, our team of trained operators can have the system rigged up and running in about 1-1.5 hours.

Please CONTACT us for a quote, to film your next project on the MCE® Cable Cam.

Cable cam REEL by Motion Compound Engineering with footage provided by 83ºWEST and others.